Friday, 17 July 2009


One year ago I bought laptop (which I'm using now to write this post), but unfortunately it had installed Vista. After five days I was on the edge of mental stability, this OS uses huge amount of my laptop's resources without reason (Linux achieve better effects on worse hardware). Next I tried XP, of course it doesn't support my SATA disc drive and additional drivers also did not work, so at last I installed GNU/Linux openSUSE 11.0 and that was it. Before I had been using GNU/Linux on my PC, but in case of laptop I afraid about hardware (it's new, so there is possibility of damage it). Luckily Linux supported hardware (except wifi card), was stable and most important I could adjust OS to my own needs. Nevertheless there was still a lot of work. Initially GNU/Linux was targeted to servers and embeded systems, next desktops and now mobile PC and gadgets like laptops, notebooks, smartphones etc., but last one group is quite new for Linux, therefore some things didn't satisfy me, I wanted improve mobility my laptop especially power consumption.

I have been interesting power management for one year and now I want share my knowledge with free software community.Probably you say that there are many sites about power management and you have right but most of them are incomplete, outdated or contain ideas which nothing improve. I give you methods checked by myself and when I finish, this site will became complete manual which helps you reduce power consumption and get some additional time working on battery.

P.S. On my laptop I profit 1 hour


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